Hello, my name is Roy Adams Jr.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 29, 1976.  My parents are Roy Adams, Sr. and Laura Adams-Jenkins. 

My early years were spent in Chicago, Illinois where my Dad’s family lived.  My grandmother, Big Mama, was a very important person in my life.  I can remember going to her house for Christmas and other holidays.  She called me “Little Roy.”  I went to St. Catherine of Genoa Catholic Church and school with my big sister, Noelle.  I was baptized, had first communion and served as an altar boy at St. Catherine’s.  One of the special memories I have of St. Catherine’s is acting as a school crossing guard.  My best friend, David Kimber, and I thought we were special because we could leave classes 10 minutes early to be ahead of the other students. 

My Mom and Dad got divorced when I was around 5 years old.  Though, they lived apart they made a point a of ensuring that each of them were equally involved in my life and my sister’s. My Dad worked for the DEA and was first transferred to Detroit.  I traveled to visit him on weekends and spent summers with him.  Because my Mom wanted to live closer to her family in Gene Autry, OK, she and I moved to Arlington in December 1988; my sister was away attending college.  I missed my Big Mama, my Chicago family, St. Catherine’s and the other friends and support that I had all the years I lived in Chicago.    

I attended Bowie High School and graduated in 1998.  At Bowie, I met Jason Ware, Trevin Tipler and Michael Halliburton. They are my very best friends, today.  Jason works for the Tarrant Co. Correctional Division; Trevin is a Verizon manager; and Michael is an Accountant who has a M.S. in Taxation at UTA.  I started my college years at Prairie View A&M.  In 2001, I graduated from Huston-Tillotston College in Austin, TX with a B.A. in Communications.  My first “semi­-professional” job was at the American Cancer Society where I was a Cancer Information Specialist.  I provided information to many callers relative to their cancer inquiries.  I was humbled and also sometimes heartbroken to hear their stories. 

In the summer of 2003, I moved to the D/FW area and was temporarily living with my mother.  I was working at Ford Motor Credit and had signed a lease to move to an apartment when my life changed forever in the early morning hours of June 12, 2004.  I will forever, forever carry Officer Darren Medlin in my heart and in my soul.  I testified on the stand that I wish it had been me who would have died.  I can’t bring him back; but I can live a life that makes those around me proud to know me and be able to say I didn’t live my life in vain…especially for those looking down on me from above, my Big Mama, Archie and my Papa and Granny. 




Roy Alvin Adams Jr.


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